Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What is Almond Butter?


I love love love the taste of Almond butter.  It is the first change I made in my clean eating lifestyle. So yummy. Of course the first thing I ate it with was almond butter & dark chocolate cookies. 
 Here is a little info about what almond butter is:
Like other nut butters, almond butter retains the nutritional value of the almonds it comes from. It is rich in protein, fiber, and essential fatty acids,  although it is also higher in calories than many other nut butters. The uses for almond butter are as varied as they are for peanut butter. You can eat is as a spread, mixed into sauces and dressings, eaten plain, or used to make cookies & other desserts. The flavor is actually quite similar to peanut butter, with a faint hint of almonds.
The fats in almond butter can cause it to go rancid, so it should be kept in a cool dry place until it is opened, and refrigerated after that. This is actually the case with all nut butters, which should also be stirred before serving to ensure that the butter is evenly mixed.
But what is the difference between peanut butter & almond butter?
If you are looking for more nutrients, then almond butter is the better choice.  Almond butter has significantly higher daily percentages of iron, calcium, and vitamin E than peanut butter
When it comes to taste, deciding between peanut butter and almond butter is a matter of personal preference. I love the taste of both. But if I had to choose 'd pick {almond butter} I have a big sweet tooth and this is very satisfying. I am always looking for new recipes that call for almond butter.

 Anyone have any they like to share with me?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE almonds yet have never tried almond butter. I think I will buy some next time I go shopping!

    Found you via the MBC group "Simply Follow."