Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My Decadence List

I have been reading on some other blogger friends that they have made a {Decadence list}, so I thought I'd do the same. What a great idea. The point is to reflect on things that satisfy your decadent cravings in a non-food way in your life that you love.  Things that I can start doing " more of" to make me happy and keep me busy so I don't snack. What would you put on your list? 

                ~ Buying something just for me
~ Getting my comfy's on and relaxing with a hot coffee
~ Going for a walk with the family
~ Book stores
~ Writing
~Taking a hot shower
~ Bath & body works lotion
~Lighting a candle
~Sitting in front of a fire or a lake reading
~A glass of wine
~ A good romantic comedy
~ Finding new Blogs to read
~ Fresh flowers
~ Listening to good music
~Playing with my kids
~Holding a newborn
~Spending time with just me & hubby
~Time at the spa

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