Why I Blog

Why do I blog?

 It may seem like a weird concept to those outside the world of blogging.  When I came across my love for baking and learning new cooking recipes I was searching and I kept on coming across every ones wonderful blogs.  It has actually become a addiction to read others blog entries.  Then I was always making such fun cute things and I wanted to keep a memory of the hard work I put into making things. At the end of the crazy day of motherhood it too is a great place to reflect on my day and my creations I came up with.
 Also Astrologically, I am a Virgo sign{ my biggest trait being a Virgo is organization} My mom planner wasn't enough for me.  So with my big collection of  recipes I have laying around, ideas, and all that other stuff that was cluttering my kitchen I thought that If I made a "blog" with everything only one click away that my house and brain would be a lot less messy. The best thing I ever did.
  what are you waiting for? where is your blog?