Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Elmo Lollipops

These Elmo cookies were made as a loot for my neices 2nd birthday and she is a Sesame Street fan! The cookies are sugar cookies, and decorated with Royal Icing.

How to make Cookie Lolipops:
* First I made my usual favorite Vanilla Sugar cookie recipe (which you can find on my site).
* Then I cut out the dough with Stars and circle cookie cutters from my 101 cookie cutter set.
* Right before I baked the cookies, I used lolipop sticks and pressed into each cookie about half way and covered the stick on the back of the cookie with extra dough the make sure that the stick is going to stay put.
*After the cookies have cooled. I out lined them all with white royal icing using tip # 3 for piping. Then let that cool for at least 30 minutes. this outline is going to prevent the thinner icing from leaking out the edges when filled in.
Then fill in the cookies with a thinner consistancy royal icing with the color of your choice..this is called "flooding"


  1. I really love your site. So coloful and inviting. I want a bite of every one of those lollipops! :)

  2. I love how colorful and cute these are!